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Latest News on special guests from Col Frank Yang for the 2018 Flight Surgeon Training in Gulfport, MS

Latest ANG/SG Heads Up (Feb-Mar 2018)

Please congratulate our friend and colleague,
Dean Winslow as Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs

Crisis on the Ice, just out and written by
Guard Flight Surgeon, Scott McPherson

(review on conversations link)

Review the Outstanding AANGFS Flight Surgeon Training June 24 & 25, 2017 in Little Rock.

Alliance of Air National Guard Flight Surgeons Officers:

President: Col Frank Yang,
Vice President: Brig Gen Brett Wyrick,
Treasurer: Col Marvin Nielsen,
Secretary: Maj George Gibson,

In addition, several other members graciously volunteered and and were appointed to the following positions:
Continuing Medical Education Planner: Col Richard Bradley,
Course Directors: Col Mark Gaul & Col Robert Desko
Course Planners:
Col Buck Dodson & Col Sid Martin
Web Master: Col William Pond,
Assistant to the Web Master: Capt Tomas Chavez,

Outstanding Sunday morning training; many questions answered, see the photos

Don’t miss the latest-2017 Flight Surgeon and SAS Training Information, EMAC, RSV Requirements, SAS PHEO Responsibilities, GMU Contract Support, Trusted Care SME,  Flight Surgeon Survey, Flight Surgeon Training Opportunities, New Templates FS Waiver for Primary Aircraft, Flight Surgeon Upgrade Tasks, etc

Our Mission is to provide strong support to the overall mission of the Air National Guard and the USAF through continued advancement of the art and science of aerospace medicine. We seek to recruit, mentor and retain highly qualified leadership in the ANG medical service. We promote networking, educational programs, and professional relationships among health care providers of the ANG, the Air Force Reserve, and the USAF.

Our Vision is to be an Air Force medical team that seamlessly integrates the knowledge, skills, and motivation of citizen-soldiers with those of our active duty counterparts, while supporting our State mission in service to our communities.

Our Core Values are Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do.
click here for 2016 AANGFS Application


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: 2015 Air National Guard Physician Survey

Air National Guard Physicians are able and willing to deploy to support wartime and peacetime missions, both at home and abroad.   For Domestic Support of Civil Authority Operations, all respondents were able provide support for 30 days which covers all such operations.  For steady state support operations, civilian employment influences length; those with government/institutional employment can deploy longer without difficulty as compared to physicians in private/group practice.  Professional specialty also plays a role; procedural/critical skills start to deteriorate after staffing a flight medicine clinic for 60 days.  Some physicians have the ability, support and financial resources to deploy for a 6 month block whereas others are able to provide service for shorter times (60-90 days), but they can collectively cover a 6 month block.  Possible recommendation: For a 180 day deployment, offer first to physicians who can cover entire block in or out of their AEF bucket.  Offer next to divide block into 90 day units with each physician covering ½.  Finally, divide block into 60 day units with priority given to experienced, multiply deployed physicians or those with critical care skills. (Special thanks to Col Brett Fehrle for data acquisition and Col Will Pond for data summary & analysis)


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  1. James Michael Murphy MD says:

    Go fund me page for : former Lt Col ‘ LAW’ Murphy from the Oregon ANG ;

    Money will be used to fund legal efforts in obtaining medical license, appeals before the BCMR and privacy act violations ect . — I am setting it up to be tax deductible.
    Please contact me if interested .

    Contact James Michael Murphy on Facebook or email – murphmic@ohsu.edu
    Oregon Health And Sciences University – Portland .

  2. William Pond says:


    With my upcoming retirement, thank you all for so many kind words, e.g.
    ” Bill,
    Thank you for the many years of friendship, guidance, and mentorship. This has been priceless. I am a better airman and leader in part due to your influence and leadership. You likely have no idea how much you’ve helped and encouraged me over the years. I sincerely appreciate you. Congratulations on your retirement. It’s bitter sweet for me but you have definitely earned it.”

    I cherish every moment of our experiences together. Thank you for your continued service to our nation.


  3. Col William W. Pond, MD says:

    And a photo for the post

  4. Col William W. Pond, MD says:

    Mission Creep:

    I received a questions from a PA wondering if he could do to expedite the process of medical assessments and paperwork for individuals who would be participating in a familiarization flight. He pointed out that he was the only full-time provider on base. Since the PA does other physicals, he wondered why he should he not be able to do these I sent him the following reply.
    “FAM physicals, especially on DV civilians, are sometimes attended by special considerations because their health may not be as good as that required for military members. Also FAM flight evaluations need to be addressed by the one most knowledgeable of aeromedical considerations. In my prior unit, such FAM physicals were best addressed by an aerospace medicine physician, rather than a mid-Level provider. Flight physicals are performed primarily by the flight surgeon for the Squadron Medical Element.”

    I also asked what the response had been from the Chief of Aerospace Medicine and Medical Group Commander. There was no response, so I thought that perhaps they had replied the same as I had.

    Mid-level providers provide a valuable service for our members. This Physician Assistant services would certainly be valuable for prescreening information and assuring that all the relevant medical information and forms were immediately available for the aerospace medicine physician performing the evaluation.


    Col William W. Pond, MD, CFS

  5. Tam says:

    I’m in my last year of my active duty obligation as a non-residency trained Flight Surgeon and starting residency in Radiology in Summer of 2018. Extremely intent on staying in as a flight surgeon with the National Guard — I love this job. There are not a whole lot of resources out there for resident physicians who ‘moonlight’ as ANG flight docs, and was wondering if there are any points of contact that have gone through the same thing that don’t mind letting me pick their brain to see if this is just a pipe dream or a possible reality for me!

    Thank you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Happy to hear you like serving and plan to continue serving. ANG is a great place for that; I have found my time in ANG fully rewarding and interesting.
      To answer your question, first thing that comes to mind is: select a state, which usually would be the state where you do your residency, as you will spend most of your time in that state. Then, reach out to the State Air Surgeon (SAS) of that state and start discussing/exploring what fits you and fits that state’s ANG medical unit(s). Please email me directly fy111fy@gmail.com if you need assistance finding contact info for the SAS, and I will help point you in the right direction.
      Best luck and thanks again for your interest in the ANG.
      Frank Yang, Col, VA ANG, MC FS (former VA SAS)

  6. From Doc B says:

    Good evening, Frank!
    Good the hear from you–thanks for the update and for the details surrounding the June 2017 ANG event in AR…Team Little Rock does me proud, yet again. They are quite the proverbial gem–hence why, despite the monthly commute to AR from PA, I remain their AR SAS!!! I am constantly humbled by their efforts, camaraderie, and labor for and in my behalf…

    In good conscious, I canNOT accept any of the credit for the event, the excellent coordination efforts, etc., etc. The accolades go to Chief Ruhland, Dr. Braswell, etc.–it was afterall a team effort. I merely steered you in the correct direction…pointed you to good folks, and they took on the responsibility boots-on-the-ground running… 8-D

    Chief Ruhland has been the Assistant to the SAS since I took the post and he performs admirably, not only while wearing that hat, but his many others…I for one will be saddened when he finally retires…rumors are flowing…

    Regarding 2018….bring it on! Btw, hopefully they can plan for a July adventure…doing AT in June and then trying to attend that conference was virtually impossible…my employer would have frowned on so month consecutive military leave in one month alone…just my humble suggestion…

    Bottom line–way to go Team Little Rock!

    Have a great guard day!

    Doc B

  7. Natalee says:

    Im interested as a flight surgeon in the Ga ANG at Dobbins AFB Marietta ga. Im a MD in Internal Med. Need info from 0fficer with authority and jurisdiction. Thanks

  8. VILLAIN says:

    Please take a look at the Flight Surgeon’s Toolkit on the AFMS Knowledge Exchange (https://kx2.afms.mil/kj/kx2/RAMPage/Pages/Toolkit.aspx). This website is a work in progress, and is intended to remain so. The page is designed to provide a comprehensive list of links to assist Flight Surgeons and Chiefs of Aerospace Medicine (SGP) in performing their day-to-day duties. It now includes a link to the AANGFS website. Send suggestions for anything you would like included in this resource to Maj John “VILLAIN” Miles at john.miles.2@us.af.mil.

  9. John Commins says:

    Any idea of recruiting bonuses for flight docs will come back in FY18? My wife is a former AD flight doc looking to join the ANG. Thanks
    Good question: Anyone have a crystal ball on this one? WWP

  10. Richard Vatt says:

    Is there any update regarding the ANG FS RSV training scheduled for July 16 ad 17.

    In particular – do we need to register and mechanism for doing so, for those who will be flying in commercially what are the recommendations for ground transportation to/from the airport.

    • Doc Pond says:

      Good Questions.
      1. Program will las all da Saturday and probably Sunday morning. I will fligh in Friday night.
      2. I will refer the question of registration to the AANGFS officers and SG
      3. DCA to Andrews usually runs over $50.00 and it is hard to get a taxi from Andres to DCA or Dulles, so a rental or pooling works well.
      4. As we get closer and arrangements are made, maybe we fan get some pooling going.
      I will get the answers and post them in the next day or so.


  11. LtCol Randolph "Blade" Whitely, ANG says:

    We have several flight doc’s who would like to attend the 23 Jul 2016 seminar.
    How do we register, and are there any more details available?
    Good to hear from you. The meeting is evolving and the dates have changed.
    Here is my best estimate as of latest meeting last week:
    Friday, July 15, docs can travel after work on Friday and check in at the block of rooms at the Presidential Inn and maybe get together informally.
    Saturday, July 16, Flight Surgeon RSV program, run by the Alliance of Air National Guard Flight Surgeons. As in past years, docs will received Category I CME at no charge.
    Saturday evening, July 16, there will be a flight surgeon dinner with a speaker yet to be selected, but there are some excellent candidates of quality equal to speakers of prior years. And of course the camaraderie is always great.
    Sunday morning the 17th will be a more “hands on” session and will end around noon so that docs who must get back to work may travel on Sunday afternoon.
    On Monday morning, July 18th, there will be a “plenary session.” The agenda for this session is being formulated by the ANG SG office.
    Tuesday, July 19 & Wednesday July 20 will be the State Air Surgeon Course.

    Major Ludke is working on obtaining Training line numbers for the training, but the activity is still unit funded.
    Will post registration information as soon as it becomes available.

    I will update this as more information becomes available or changes or corrections made.
    Hope to see you there—WWP

  12. Mark D Baxa says:

    Hello, I am the new Florida SAS and have been a member of AMSUS in the past. I understand that I should join the AANGFS and attend this meeting.
    I have reviewed the AANGFS website, but unless I am missing something – I can not find a date or location for the next AANGFS meeting.
    Can someone please email me information on date & location of next AANGFS meeting.
    Final thought – I think the website should have a link to when/where AANGFS meeting is to be held.
    Thank you.
    ~ Flash ~
    Congratulations on your new position as SAS from the great state of Florida, and home of Kirk Martin, former Alliance President and ANG Assistant to the USAF/SG.
    The Alliance had a great meeting, RSV program & social. The link is: http://www.aangfs.com/readiness-skills-verification/
    The date for next year has not yet been set, but work is being done to set it early so that plans can be made for the Flight Surgeons and State Air Surgeons.
    Your request is a good one for specific information for the next meeting, Great to have you on board—WWP

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