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April 25, 2021 Update:  

1) Readiness Frontiers is likely going to happen! Start making your plans to attend Gulfport, MS this summer and stay tuned for updates!!

2) THE ALL NEW completely redesigned www.AANGFS.COM website is COMING!!! 

Our updated website go live GOAL is JUNE 20… the site will allow you to login with your own personal login ID/password and will allow you to pay your annual dues in multiple ways!!

An all new members only forum section to allow us to easily communicate!!

An all new files section that will host all sorts of useful files to share including flight safety PPT presentations!

You will be able to renew via multiple payment methods : PAYPAL (which is free to us as a 501(c)6 organization, or you can use your VISA/MC/AMEX/DISC!!

Our Annual Dues will be $50/year and will help support the new website that is going to help all of us with some great new features! Of note, you will only be able to access the forums and files section if you are a member… we are giving you value to your membership!!


Special commendations to the Lake Jennings BSA Troop 325, Trevor and Nick Hayes for showing initiative in accomplishing the requirements of the Aviation Merit Badge in this time of constrained travel.  They sent a link for a great site to assist other  budding aviators.

Great work #325, keep up the interest and perhaps we will see you in the air in the future–WWP

Alliance of Air National Guard Flight Surgeons Officers 2018-2020:
President: Brig Gen Brett Wyrick
Vice President: LtCol George Gibson
Treasurer: Col Roger Ludwig, Jr.
Secretary: LtCol Phillip Camp, Jr.

In addition, several other members graciously volunteered and and were appointed to the following positions:
Continuing Medical Education Planner: Col Richard Bradley,
Course Directors: Col Mark Gaul & Col Robert Desko
Course Planners:
Col Buck Dodson & Col Sid Martin
Web Master: Col Roger “Mota” Ludwig
Emeritus Web Master:  C0l (ret) Bill “Yoda” Pond



Thanks to Col Chris Shue for suggesting inclusion of the new AANGFS Application:


Check out the latest ANG SG Heads Up – Mar 2019

For Information on the 2018 Gulfport Flight Surgeon Meeting and thanks to Col Yank for the AANGFS 2018 Meeting Summary and  AANGFS 2018 Keynote Speaker Highlights

Please send  to wwpond@gmail.com lectures, photos, updates for immediate web site publication–although the information is immediately available, it takes a day for Google/Bing to catalog and make the information available for search.  WWP) 

PS: Thanks for the Web Master Award–WWP

Click Here for the Latest News from Col Frank Yang for the 2018 Flight Surgeon Training in Gulfport, MS


Please congratulate our friend and colleague,
Dean Winslow as Assistant Secretary of Defense, Health Affairs

Crisis on the Ice, just out and written by
Guard Flight Surgeon, Scott McPherson

(review on conversations link)

Review the Outstanding AANGFS Flight Surgeon Training June 24 & 25, 2017 in Little Rock.

Our Mission is to provide strong support to the overall mission of the Air National Guard and the USAF through continued advancement of the art and science of aerospace medicine. We seek to recruit, mentor and retain highly qualified leadership in the ANG medical service. We promote networking, educational programs, and professional relationships among health care providers of the ANG, the Air Force Reserve, and the USAF.

Our Vision is to be an Air Force medical team that seamlessly integrates the knowledge, skills, and motivation of citizen-soldiers with those of our active duty counterparts, while supporting our State mission in service to our communities.

Our Core Values are Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Air National Guard Physician Survey

Air National Guard Physicians are able and willing to deploy to support wartime and peacetime missions, both at home and abroad.   For Domestic Support of Civil Authority Operations, all respondents were able provide support for 30 days which covers all such operations.  For steady state support operations, civilian employment influences length; those with government/institutional employment can deploy longer without difficulty as compared to physicians in private/group practice.  Professional specialty also plays a role; procedural/critical skills start to deteriorate after staffing a flight medicine clinic for 60 days.  Some physicians have the ability, support and financial resources to deploy for a 6 month block whereas others are able to provide service for shorter times (60-90 days), but they can collectively cover a 6 month block.  Possible recommendation: For a 180 day deployment, offer first to physicians who can cover entire block in or out of their AEF bucket.  Offer next to divide block into 90 day units with each physician covering ½.  Finally, divide block into 60 day units with priority given to experienced, multiply deployed physicians or those with critical care skills. (Special thanks to Col Brett Fehrle for data acquisition and Col William Pond for data summary & analysis)

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