Public Health Emergencies

Thanks and a “tip o’ the hat” to Major Ludtke for brining this to our attention.  AFI 10-2603 has been rescinded and replaced by AFI 10-2519 PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCIES AND INCIDENTS OF PUBLIC HEALTH CONCERN   Chapter 6 references the Air National Guard while  6.2.6 (please see extraction below) references the role of the State Air Surgeon.

This AFI was released 16 June 2015, so it may benefit from clarification and education for State Air Surgeons (and JFHQ) along with examples of templates for documents and best practices.  The upcoming SAS refresher and Flight Surgeon RSV program at ANGRC would be an excellent venue to discuss this new/evolving regulation.–WWP


6.2.6. State Air Surgeon (SAS). The SAS is the senior military medical officer for the state, charged with creating a framework to facilitate and enable the ANG medical response within the state or region. Upon appointment as the SAS, he/she will be designated the StatePHEO-LNO. If PHEO training has been accomplished, the SAS can become the StatePHEO. In the SAS absence, the senior most ranking medical official/officer in that state/district or territories will be temporarily appointed as the acting State-PHEO-LNO. The State-PHEO-LNO shall provide input about the state’s military medical capability and the availability of any military medical resources, agent-specific information, risk communication, and provide situational awareness of the ANG medical capabilities to the governor, TAG, NGB-JSG, NGB/SG and local GMU. The SAS monitors their state’s medical statistics to ensure a viable and healthy force for local and worldwide deployment is available. The SAS coordinates with other SASs within the Federal Emergency Management Agency regions and Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) regions to identify and coordinate regional military medical response capabilities and operations if needed.

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