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  1. Good Afternoon State Air Surgeons,

    DMRTI PHEO Course has scheduled the next event fro 12-16 Jan 2015. I have sent an email out to the SAS with details. Attachments are also located on our SGPM sharepoint if you have access via CAC. Please submit all nominations to our NGB/SGPM org box at: NLT 15 Oct 14 COB.

    All nominees will be submitted but only 2-3 SAS will be accepted. The HAF will
    notify selectees within two weeks of selection. Please note, if your name is
    submitted and not selected, you will be placed on a waiting list. You may be
    notified if a seat becomes available and would likely be a short notice notification to accept i.e. w/in 30 days or as short as 2 weeks. Acceptance will be at your discretion. Please know it’s unit/wing funded for you to attend.

    Thank you in advance for the support in the process and we look forward to
    nominations being submitted.

    Mahalo Nui Loa,

    Maria Tatekawa, SMSgt
    Manager, Public Health & Prevention Branch
    4E Career Field Functional Manager
    Office of the Air Surgeon
    Air National Guard
    COM/DSN: (240) 612-8581

  2. Mr. Wayne "Top" Theurer says:

    Hi there from the "Air Surgeon's Office"  email documents were sent out to all of you, hopefully today rearding our HazMat IQ course.  In brief: we are taking courses to every ANG base (collocated and non-collocated).  As we get your units up on the schedule; you(the SASs) are more than welcome to attend any training session, and if it's closer for you to attend another state's training you may do that.   I'll ensure any Air Surgeon has their choice of location; the only thing is that I don't have a travel budget to pay your travel that will have to be worked thru your state/support wing.

    We are trying to fill the training gaps caused by the ending of Readiness Frontiers.  In FY 2013-14 we are conducting the 976 MCM Patient Decon Training; FY 2014 is the HazMat IQ (IC training), FY 2015-2017 – I hope to have a 32 hour training and exercise course to be conducted at each wing before undergoing their UEI, so when the IG runs the exercise portion – units will be fully prepared and capable of exceeding the standards.  In addition I'm planning the 32 hr course to fulfill 2 or 3 required wing exercises requirements for that year.  With all that we are trying to consolidate or eliminate unnecessary or redundant exercises and training events.  Is a s-l-o-w process through.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.




    Medical Countermeasures CBRNE Analyst


    Commercial Phone: 240-612-9450

    DSN: 612-9450


  3. Kendle & Pond says:

    Here is one of Kendle and Pond from the "way back machine."  If this is not good for embarrasing blackmail, I don't know what is.  How does one spell, "Dorky?"

  4. Dean Winslow says:

    Here you go, guys!  I forgot Mike Brothers retired just before this photo was taken at RF 4 years ago.  All of you, indeed, greatly surpassed your old boss.  Sincerely, it has been an honor serving with you!   V/R, Dean

  5. Dean Winslow says:

    Subject: RE: SAS Society

    Thanks, Bill!  Great photos.  I’ll see if I can find photo taken a few years ago of Groucho, Larry Myers, Jeff Long, Mike Brothers, and me.  They were all my flight surgeons when I was MDG/CC at 159th FW in New Orleans in the early 90’s.  They ALL became State Air Surgeons and greatly exceeded the accomplishments of their “mentor”!




    You were the most complete ANG flight surgeon I ever met (and learned from) in 22 years in the ANG, I've never known a flight surgeon who had a closer relationship with the flyers.

    On my initial interview with the 159th, I observed you respond to an IFE. climb the ladder on the flight line and  talk to the F-15 pilot. I was impressed and I had the same experience several years later when we had an arrival problem at Incirlik.

    Note to our colleagues: Dean was an F-4 flight surgeon. Since the F-4 is a two crew airplane, the back seater was expected to know how to lock a target. Dean was apparently was good at locking on to oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Keep those stories coming,



    Charles L Myers, Col, AR ANG, MC, CFS

    State Air Surgeon, Arkansas Air National Guard

    Fellow and Former SASs,

    RF 2013 would have been the point at which I passed the gavel after serving for

    two years as the president of our organization.

    Since I see no likely opportunity for us to gather as a group in the near

    future, I think it appropriate that I pass the gavel via cyberspace to your

    incoming president, Col Conrad Caldwell.  Conrad, consider it done!

    I also encourage those of you who have the inclination to serve to step up for

    the now vacant Treasurer and Vice President positions.  Each is a two year term

    with an expected progression to the presidency.

     I would also ask again that if you notice that I have omitted anyone from this

    mailing who should be in the TO: box, please hit me back.

    It has been my honor to serve you as president and I look forward to seeing /

    working / deploying with you in the future.




  6. Doc Pond says:

    Thanks, Bill!  Great photos.  I’ll see if I can find photo taken a few years ago of Groucho, Larry Myers, Jeff Long, Mike Brothers, and me.  They were all my flight surgeons when I was MDG/CC at 159th FW in New Orleans in the early 90’s.  They ALL became State Air Surgeons and greatly exceeded the accomplishments of their “mentor”! =====================================================

    Dean, You send it: I'll post it.     Bill         


    Groucho, Gone, but not forgotten..(.too many photos & witnesses?)

    Thanks for your leadership and service from you many friends across the nation.


  7. Doc Pond says:

    So, during the meeting, I get this photo from Groucho–Is he in a musty video conference room?  A library?  Noooooo


  8. Pat, Sal and Dana Retirement says:

    Subject:  Pat, Dana and Sal–Gone, but not forgotten

    Dear Pat,

    Congratulations on retiring (I know, just guard retirement).  I imagine you are working even harder than before.  As you may know  “Conferences” are no longer sanctioned as legitimate reasons for military travel, but we are having a day of training for flight surgeons in June.  Some will be going there on their "own dime" and using a day of orders for the meeting (an unusual circumstance).  I was hoping (optimistically) that some of the HWSC members would plan to be at Andrews for this.  Can you provide me with the most recent list and contact info that you have for those who have participated?  I have several lists, but I don’t know if they are up to date.

    Thank you



    Sage advice.  Video conference will be available if you want to see some old friends; just put your microphone on mute so we don't hear the glassed clinking.

    Best always,



    I remember tipping a few glasses at your home in Phoenix!! Welcome to retirement from ANG! I suspect you will be just as busy.


    Pat, We've had some great times—at your home in Phoenix—WP

    (photos of docs and Dobermans)

    Are you referring to the dog?


    Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman might be displeased with your unseemly intimations towards his canis lupus familiaris



    You old boys are starting to sound a bit strange – perhaps a blood flow issue ??

    By the way – the system finally broke me down and I retired 1 April – since that time I have opened 6 new practice locations ! Had to do something to occupy my " free time " and make up my Guard pay !

    Keep me in the loop until I forget my name .


    Hey Sal!

    Welcome to the world of ANG – R! You have had an exemplary career. Thanks for your service!
    We all had some good times. Now get to work with your real job!!!

    Good luck and stay in touch.

    I sure do miss seeing all of you. You guys let me know if ever in the neighborhood. Or if you need a place to stay in Phoenix.

    Best regards,


    Subject: Re: Gone, but not forgotten

    Wish we could do it all over again



  9. Doc Pond says:

    Groucho–You send it and I'll post it–Bill

  10. Groucho says:

    Bill,  The least you could do is put a real airplane up on the header for the web site–An Eagle!


  11. Anonymous says:

    What a great name for a password


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