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Col Scott McPherson, SAS, leader, mentor & friend.

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Honoring the memory of a truly great citizen of the world, Sir Winston Churchill–Jim Rauh, Milton Mutchnik, Bill Pond celebraing at the Michigan Churchill Society dinner

Hotflash: ANGI40-102 for State Air Surgeons is out!! 

And if you want to look at the MEDFAC report to ADFAC or Budget 15 Analysis, please look in the documents section.


This is the spot for State Air Surgeon stuff–and other items of interest in the password protected area.


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  1. William Pond says:

    State Air Surgeons: You can only be associated with one GMU in your state. If there are multiple GMUs and you choose to see patients at a GMU you are not associated with, you must schedule an appointment for that patient using your AHLTA account. You will not be able to view appointments at the unassociated GMU. GMUs don’t have visibility of other GMUs.

  2. Col William W. Pond, MD says:

    Col Scott McPherson
    Hale and fond farewell after such a valiant history of service for the citizens of our nation. Retiring after 25+ years of military service and 8 as a State Air Surgeon, Scott has provided senior leadership and mentorship for the new generation. As vice chair of the MEDFAC and chair of the Human Weapons System Council, he has impacted national policy and education. LtCol Mark Shirley has some big shoes to fill; we know that he will do well. Scott has a wide diversity of interests, and we eagerly await his next book, which will be prominently reviewed in the AANGFS newsletter.
    Scott we wish you the best. Thank you for your friendship, leadership and service—WWP

    • Garry Moore says:

      Bye Scott we’ll miss you. It has always been good to see you in a meeting and know that the meeting will not be a waste because if you’re there we’ll be learning something even if it’s about the Congo. I know you’ll enjoy all the new time your going to have, I didn’t say free time because I know it’ll quickly be filled.

      It has been fun but I expect to punch out too next year.

  3. Doc Pond says:

    Check out this

      SAS Training Information

    from Maj Ludtke
    (and thanks for posting the dates so that docs can plan–WWP)

    Subject: SAS Training Events

    Good Afternoon,
    We pounded the office with State Air Surgeon training last year. 8 events
    took place and over 15 SAS trained, but it took away from other
    requirements. I’ve been directed to cut down the number of training events
    this year, so we’ve set the dates now and ask every State to carefully
    review your State’s status and to plan ahead for training of replacements.
    If someone new is appointed at the last minute, the State will have to wait
    until the next event occurs.

    Initial SAS training (may be used as SAS refresher but schedule cannot be
    modified/shortened for individuals):
    15-17 March, 2016
    10-12 May, 2016
    20-22 Sep, 2016
    7-11 Nov, 2016

    We’ve avoided major holidays and tried to space the events out. There’s not
    much more I can do to accommodate. We’re also going to try something new
    this year with a half day spent touring the new Defense Health HQ and
    Pentagon to introduce you to further opportunities outside of your State.

    ***The following State Air Surgeons are due refresher training this year:
    AK, AL, CT, DC, DE, GA, HA, IA, KS, MA, MD, MI, MS, NC, ND, NE, NY, OH, RI,
    SC, SD, TX, VT, WI, WY*** Yup, we need to accommodate 22 SAS refresher needs
    this year.

    You may use the training events for new SAS listed above, or the annual SAS
    refresher training scheduled 18-20 July, 2016 in conjunction with HPET to
    meet your requirement.

    All events will be hosted at the ANG Readiness Center, JB Andrews, MD.
    Lodging is available at the Presidential Inn or I can provide suggestions
    for nearby quality lodging without a conceal carry requirement.

    If we meet all training requirements and still have room available, we can
    consider allowing senior physicians to attend, such as MDG/SGP.

    All training is at unit expense (State Joint Force HQ for SAS).

    POC is MSgt Riley for any questions.

    J. Rick Ludtke, Maj, USAF, MC, FS
    Aerospace Medicine Specialist
    Chief, Flight and Operational Medicine Branch (NGB/SGPF)

  4. I traded in my uniform, but I am still recruiting for civilian providers to work in AF MTFs. 
    I have a great opportunity in Flight Medicine at Little Rock.  Great pay.  Housing provided. Permanent position.  Mon – Fri.  Any state license.  No weekends, which means you could still get to and from Drill.  Housing is provided.  Malpractice at no cost.
    Sterling Medical Corp
    Please pass this info to anyone you know with an interest in flight medicine.
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