SAS OPR Bullet Examples

State Air Surgeons: Need some advice on Officer Performance Report (OPR) writing and some examples?  Thanks to LtCol Eric Burdge for getting this project moving and for providing some suggestions. Read on.

First, check out the OPR/EPR Guide from the USAF/SG

Next, build the Job Description, e.g.
-Reviews/awards clinical privileges to MDG CCs; certifies credentials for health care practitioner accessions; reviews MEB/LOD packages; certifies medical exams for transferring USAF/USAFR members; reviews flying waiver renewals, initial commissioning/enlistment/FCII/FCIII packages; performs annual SAVs to MDGs and GSUs
-Leads health professions recruiting/retention program, maintains flying currency, supports safety investigation boards

(here is the place to quantitate degree of responsibility, e.g. responsible for overseeing the medical readiness of 3,000+ guard members in the state as well as transfers, AGR tours, waivers)

Finally, prepare hard-hitting OPR bullets for the Rater Overall Assessment (NOT: “Continues to take up valuable space on the planet by consuming food air and water.”)

So here are some examples, please feel free to send in your favorites and I will add them to the list:

– Hands-on SAS! Invested 64 hrs at state MDGs to assist with aircrew exams and medical qual resolution decisions
– Aerospace Med Ambassador! Course director for <put your partnered county name, here> AF Advanced Flight Med SME Exchange Conference
– Superior physician! Investigating officer for LOD determinations associated with state’s most complex medical cases
– Adjunct consultant to both MDG EMCs; advised commanders on CAPs for high-risk UVI and self-inspection deficiencies
– Efficiency guru! Minimized delays in IADT waiver request approval; established delegation authority by policy memo
– Expert medical advisor to state ANG/Joint staff; superior physician; MAJCOM staff or ANG medical assistant program next
– Seamless transition to SAS! Unmatched expertise and initiative–guided both MDGs to exceed national 80% IMR goal
– Mission first! Set new bar for SAS responsiveness to MDGs’ high-priority med evaluations, duty determinations/waivers
– Supported AFSOUTH IMO–validated <put your partnered county name, here> AF newly constructed/developed facilities, equipment, and processes
– Top physician in AR ANG; unparalleled dedication to state’s operational missions; ANG med assistant program next
-Sparked the Medical Group to achieve not only an Outstanding rating, but the best score in the entire Guard
-Lectured at national meetings regarding exceptional performance of Indiana JTF Katrina Team
– Served as Team Chief for State Department supported Jordan Operation Smile Humanitarian Medical Mission
– Engendered strong Guard/medical community relations serving as President of 850 member Medical Society
– Brought national recognition by serving as Secretary and then President Alliance of ANG Flight Surgeons
– Set humanitarian example providing free care to Bangladesh children during first Op Smile/Navy partnership
-Taught Advanced Trauma Life Support to physicians and residents raising awareness, recruiting for the ANG
-Mentored Boy Scouts on the path to Eagle, providing an example of military community responsibility
-Spent unaccounted hours and substantial personal funds to promote the mission of the military
– As a senior, current, fighter-qualified flt surgeon, was handpicked by AETC to be a member of a dual fatality AIB
–Since human factors played significant role in accident, AIB President requested Col  assist in briefing NOK
– Vital to success of Nat’l Readiness Frontiers Conf–instrumental in organizing conf, certifying instructors, acquiring
RSV & CME certification, & taught Aeromed Evacuation, Advanced Cardiac Life Spt & Advanced Trauma Life Spt
– Superb leadership–set the standard for IN ANG Flt Surgeons by leading in # of sorties and flying hours for the year
– Professionalism, impeccable integrity & judgment define this officer; definitely prepared for national-level position!
– Recognized as The ANG Medical Educator–organized national accreditation for flight surgeons & CME for SASs
– Represented IN ANG at Joint Patriot Ex involving 24 states, FBI, CAP, civilian police, ARNG, USAFR & USMCR
– Integrates military w/community: Allen County Brd of Hlth Pres; lectures TBI, PTSD & suicide prevention to CRTs
– Continues contribution to medical svc nationally by serving on OEWG, ADFAC, MEDFAC, HWSC, UAC & HTAC
– As Guard JSGFAC Vice Chair, instrumental in formulating, clarifying & advancing nationwide joint medical policy
– Established universally available on-line RSV tng saving nationwide travel $–MUST for national-level leadership
– Oversaw IN MDGs’ transition to e-records for AIMWTS & PEPP–SAS decision on physicals now under 24 hours
– Actively involved at national level–Regional Rep to Med FAC, ANG Medical Svc Rep to F-16 Weapons Council
– Selected for HH60 SIB in Afghanistan–SIB Pres stated knowledge & skills were integral to success of investigation
– Authored resolution & garnered support of ISMA & IN General Assembly for civilian medical response to military members & their families; Selected by AMS to educate members on BIAP EMEDS and combat military experience
– Lectures/instructs/writes articles for national publications on Guard Med Svcs; a must for a national-level position!
-Chair of MEDFAC (oversees HWSC/UAC/HTAC)–feedback to ANG Director & ANG/SG on field medical issues
-Selected as ANG’s only Medical rep to attend 118th Interagency Institute for Federal Healthcare Executives training
-Deployments: As senior Europe CCATT physician treated severely wounded troops/organized ANG re-entrance into CCATT mission; As flight surgeon for Spanish/US Base Moron reorganized military/civilian medical care network
-Authored/coordinated component support for passage of AMA resolution of support for military members & families
-Volunteers for HYCA, serves nationally as PTSD mentor/educator–HIGHLY recommend for national-level position



Humorous assessments not to place in OPR (even if you might like to):

  • Has been promoted way beyond his worth.
  • Accomplishes amazing amounts for his little mind and talent.
  • Will be hard to fill his shoes since they are always up on his desk.
  • Fills all the nooks and crannies of the uniform.
  • Always thinking about aerospace issues earning the title, “air head.”