Historical RSV Program Information

2015 RSV Last Minute Information

Great meeting.  Thanks to the many who made this program happen.  I will be revamping the RSV  part of the web site to aggregate the lectures from all years by topic, but give me a couple weeks since I am heading out for an Accident Board Investigation–WWPIMG_20150725_102238009

ANG Flight Surgeons at 2015 RSV Training, Air National Guard Readiness Center

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RSV Shop Visit Instruction

Instruction at the shop visit


For those unable to attend the meeting, RSV credit can be gained efficiently by following the procedure below. (This allows 95% of the time to be spent learning and reviewing the skill rather than being bogged down in paperwork–now that’s the way we should be doing things, WWP — Thanks to David Cass, MD–State Air Surgeon from the great state of Alabama for the impetus record these instructions)

1).  Download copy of RSV Checklist. It was just revised in July 2015 so here is the most current one:
2). Complete the training/lecture for the desired skill by reviewing the correct lecture from this website.  (Next week I will work on combing all the lectures under each topic to make it a little easier to find, I have been a little busy with the Tuscon/Iraqi F-16 AIB–WWP)
3) Transcribe the initials of the lecturer with a slash for the local verifier, date and member initials.
4) Place sheet in trading folder.
Voila, done.
(Lectures may be accomplished and certificate printed from home computer. )

Just updated: Flight Surgeon RSV Checklist–48X RSVP Checklist – revised 2015-07-16


For historical interest

2015 Flight Surgeon RSV Course 25 July, Andrews AFB

Well folks, it is coming together due to the efforts of a lot of great flight docs.

If you have any last minute questions or concerns, please feel free to ping Kevin “Schweaty” Bohnsack at kjbohnsack.mil@gmail.com or cell phone  734.649.3867.

Call in number: 888-328-6502     Passcode: 3500#

Defense Collaboration Service (DCS) link:  https://conference.apps.mil/webconf/3a3cd842df5f416e101ba60e33e713b0

OBTAIN USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO REGISTER FOR Category 1 CME credit v Thanks to the great work by Col Buck Dodson, the NGB Assistant to the 711th HPW including USAFSAM, participants are eligible for up to 7.25 hours of CME credit. Participants will need to obtain a Login ID and Password using this website: https://education.mods.army.mil/AirforceCME < http://aangfs.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ad5ea9ab915a808eef50194af&id=5844cb40c7&e=05889c1148>  and the following activity number: 2015-0604.

AANGFS Social & Dinner
TIME: 1830 – Social and 1900 Dinner
LOCATION: JB Andrews Officer’s Club
GUESTS: We will have as our special invited guest, Lt Gen Mark Ediger, AF/SG. Maj Gen Dunkelberger will also be in attendance as well to represent the ANG Medical Service.
DRESS: Business casual / no tie COST: $30 for AANGFS members and $35 for non-members
CHOW: Buffet

RESERVE A SEAT FOR THOSE COMING TO JB ANDREWS including the RSV training at the Readiness Center AND/OR Alliance dinner using the Survey Monkey tool:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6NB2J59

Readiness Skills Verification (RSV) Lectures
 If item is in blue and underlined, just click to download lecture or CV,
Please check back on Saturday morning for the most current version

8:00-8:55 am–MISHAP RESPONSE: Maj John Ludtke

Col Brett WYRICK
Physiological Incidents –Col Brett Wyrick


12:00-1:00 pm–Lunch Break

Col William Pond, MD
Col John Sotos
Col Lisa Snyder

Human Factors, NVG, HUD RSV–Col William Pond

Col Bryan Dykstra
Aeromedical Evacuation–Col Dykstra

3:00-3:55 pm–TRAVEL MEDICINE (congratulations to Frank “da Banker”  Yang for the first submission.)
Ebola, a Joint Response –Col Yang
ANG When to Treat–Col Yang
Deployed Medical Decisions – Col Bohnsack

Quick Reference Guide – Army Telemedicine program -Bohnsack 2015

ISR-RPA-Cyber Ops–Col McEachen

USAF/SG ANG Assistant Brief–MajGen Dunkelberger
USAF SG Asst–MajGen Dunkelberger

Prior SAS Course and the Flight Surgeon Course CME & RSV Certificates

SAS Course  
         2014 07 24-25 CME Certificate SAS Meeting– 14.0 Hrs CME signed 

Flight Surgeon RSV Course 
2014 07 26 CME Certificate RSV Meeting– 8.0 Hrs CME signed
2014 Flight Surgeon 48X3_RSV AANGFS_Training Certificate 
2013 06 22 CME Certificate RSV Meeting– 8 Hrs Category 1 CME Pond Signed
2013 48G and 48R RSV Certificate for ANGRC

For the 2013 RSV Program, required training was supplied to flight surgeons across the nation, reaching over 500 total as follows:
More than 120 flight surgeons were given instruction live on the day of the program, either in person or by video conference.
In the following months, over 400 flight surgeons, including those from the Air Force Active Duty, Air Force Reserve, Army and Navy received education by reference to the lectures from the AANGFS web site.

Kudos to the outstanding presenters, lively participants, ANG/SG staff, and the AANGFS for the SAS/RSV Program in 2014 .  And a very special thanks to Joan Hand, JeriSue Petrie, Dr. James Buchanan and the Fort Wayne Medical Education Program for assistance and oversight of the CME Program.

Even if flight docs missed the RSV training day, they may still complete Flight Surgeon RSVs for any specific requirement by studying the materials and assuring that they satisfy the objectives.  In order to simply the learning/documentation process and to be respectful of your time, the lectures and study materials are filed with the RSV which they fulfill .1) just double click on the blue  link, 2) the lecture will open,3) study the material, 4) double click the RSV certificate link, 5) print it, 6) fill in your name, 7) initial the task accomplished and 7) place in your training folder–voila.–WWP

Welcome to All: These RSVs are for all USAF Flight Surgeons–Active Duty, Reserve and Guard and all flight docs are welcome to share in using these materials.  Also, if anyone has lectures or study materiasl that would help educate other flight surgeons for one of these RSVs, please send (wwpond@aol.com ) for inclusion.

Financial Disclosurer Statement. No financial interest slide 2014


  1. MISHAP RESPONSE: Aircraft mishap, HAZMAT or Exercise, RSV   Mass casualty response exercise

Bohnsack–Aircraft Mishap Invesitgation and Response

Pond Mishap Investigation

Pond SD C-130H3 Mishap Investigation Report

  1. PHYSIOLOGIC INCIDENT RESPONSE AND ANALYSIS (Perform 2) course to be developed- Suitable substitute if not available: Review AFMAN 91-233 para and relevant sections of Flight Surgeon’s Guide covering DCS, hypoxia, GLOC, SDO and barotrauma


  1. TRAVEL MEDICINE: Med intelligence Research and briefings issuing Medicine prophylaxis (perform 2) –Suitable substitute if unable to give briefing

Delage Dengue and Chikungunya

McPherson–Travel Medicine

Delage–Malaria Prophylaxis

  1. WATER AND FOOD VULNERABILITY SAFETY ASSESSMENT –Suitable substitute if unable to perform assessments

Snyder–Water Vulnerability Assessment

  1. HUMAN FACTORS BRIEFINGS: IRC QuarterlyWing Flying Safety Briefing, NVG course, or HUD tape reviews

Kendle–HUD Review and NVG


  1. MEDICAL CLEARANCE FOR AEROMEDICAL EVACUATION (Perform 5)–Suitable substitute if unable to perform clearances: Read relevant sections of Flight Surgeon’s Guide and SGP Tactics

Yang–CCATT Information

Yang–AE Overview


  1. HUMAN PERFORMANCE SUSTAINMENT (counterfatigue management) to be developed–Suitable substitute if not available. Read Endurance Management Guide and Review the flight surgeons briefing.

Wyrick–You’re the Flight Surgeon

Howard–Endurance Management Ground Initiative

Dextroamphetamine policy

No Go Policy Letter

2013 AF Approved Aircrew Medications

Modafinil, Dexedrine Dose, Useage on Form 600


a. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT: Shop visits, OHWG, Attended, and of sign off on 2766’s for High risk shops start to finish (perform 2)–Suitable substitute if not available: Read relevant sections of Flight surgeon’s Guide

    Assad METLs flight surgeon brief 

    Example of METLS_Tracker

    Perino DAWG1306ppt    

    Perino DAWGStandardAdministrativeAgenda130606   

    Perino DAWGStandardCaseReviewAgenda130606

    Perino OEHWG1306pptForAANGFS

    Perino OEHWG1306StandardAgenda 

    Desko LOD_2013_RF 

    Desko IDES 

    Desko Non-Duty_Disability_Evaluation_Process_PP 

    Desko Occupational_and_Environmental_Health_Program 




  1. AEROMEDICAL SUMMARIES: Flying waivers worked to completion (Perform 3)–Suitable substitute if not available Read relevant sections for Flight Surgeon’s Guide and SGP Tactics Guide

Gaul–ANG Surgeon General Hot Topics

Desko–Occupational and Environmental Health Program

Desko–AIMWTS, PEPP and 469s


Evening AANGFS Dinner with CME lectrures.

PTSD/TBI by Col William Pond:

2013 06 22 PTSD Pond for Flight Surgeons


Military Biographies of Speakers.

LtCol Kevin Bohnsack Bohnsack Bio – Dec 2012

Col William Pond 2013 06 5 Military Biography of Indiana State Air Surgeon Col William Pond


Additional RSV Lectures other UTCs

Anesthesia: Anesthesia at the Extremes of Altitude and Environment,   Anesthesia and WMD Warfare


Historical 2013 FS RSV Meeting Information –This is what happened previously.

6/20/2013 This is the update following last evening’s  practice on DCO and teleconference bridge that proved both are operational from non-military commercial internet connections. The following update is somewhat long, but it answers all the questions that have been asked thus far.  Any last minute updates will be posted on the front page of www.aangfs.com   Thanks for participating–WWP.

1)The Alliance of Air National Guard Flight Surgeons (AANGFS) in cooperation with the office of the Air National Guard Surgeon General will provide a one day course designed to accomplish USAF required Flight Surgeon Readiness Skills Verification (RSV) training.

2) Date: Saturday, June 22, 2013

3) Time: 0900-1630 EDT (1300-2030 Zulu)

Telephone Bridge and DCO (Defense Connect Quick Reference Guide) videoconference will open 1 hour before the meeting to allow time to work out the bugs.

At 8:45 am, there will be some helpful hints regarding DCO.

3) Location:

Participation by:


1-888-328-6502     Pass code 3500#

** *Power point slides to be used in conjunction with audio presentation

Download from www.aangfs.com, and then select 2013 FS RSV Training

***Live Videoconference

Defense Connect Online via AF Portal

https://www.dco.dod.mil/ and “Meetings/Recordings Search” on the upper right

hand corner under “DCO Search” for Flight Surgeon RSV or cut and paste

specific meeting link  https://connect.dco.dod.mil/r2kvj32hhxa

(meeting site is now open for testing, just log into AF Portal and pasted the

above link into the address bar)

***In person participation from broadcast location

Air National Guard Readiness Center,

3500 Fetchet Ave, Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762

4) All flight surgeon participants will receive a Certificate of Training with appropriate signatures and verification, suitable to place in the member’s training folder to assure compliance with flight surgeon RSV training.

5) AANGFS members will also receive a certificate for up to 8.0 hrs Category 1 CME; Non AANGFS members may claim up to 8.0 hrs Category II CME.

6) Lodging and transportation will be at the member’s expense due to budgetary constraints.

7) Course materials will be archived and available for later access by flight surgeons to accomplish RSV training—lectures on www.aangfs.com  and Defense Connect Online (DCO) via Air Force Portal.

8) Lectures and RSV Certificates will be available for viewing and download from www.aangfs.com

9) AANGFS annual meeting will occur at 1630-1700

10) AANGFS annual dinner will occur Saturday at 1800 at the Club at Andrews.

11) Duty Uniform: flight suite or ABUs.

12) Lodging: Update—(as of today, no military lodging is available at either Andrews or Bolling AFB,

 but may wish to try in case of some last minute availability)

Presidential Inn, 1380 California Ave, Joint Base Andrews, MD

(301)981-4614 & (888)235-6343

13) Please feel free to forward this notification to any who may be interested in this training: there is no registration or participation fee.

14) Schedule of events:

DATE/TIME:             June 22, 2013—9:00 am—9:20 am

SPEAKER:                Col Brett Wyrick, DO                             

TITLE:                    “ARMA Sat or Unsat: Historical Fascinoma”

OBJECTIVES:           1. Identify key components of adaptability rating.

                              2. Evaluate case scenarios.

                              3. Examine the key components of the ARMA.

DATE/TIME:             June 22, 2013—9:20 am—9:50 am

SPEAKER:                LtCol Kevin Bohnsack, MD, MPH

TITLE:                    “Mishap Response: Human Factors in Aircraft Mishap Investigation”

OBJECTIVES:           1. Define the time frame when mishap histories are obtained

                              2. Classify the types of aircraft mishaps

                              3. Specify the biometric data that can be used for identification

DATE/TIME:             June 22, 2013—9:50 am—10:30 am

SPEAKER:                Col Eric Kendle, MD

TITLE:                    “Physiologic Incident Response & Analysis”

OBJECTIVES:           1. Describe factors involved in increased susceptibility to GLOC.

                              2. Address issues to avoid prior to flight. 

                              3. Define items to look for in hydrazine review.

DATE/TIME:             June 22, 2013—10:30 am—11:15 am

SPEAKER:                Col Bryan Delage, MD & Col Scott McPherson, MD

TITLE:                    “Travel Medicine”

OBJECTIVES:           1. Delineate current diagnosis and treatment for malaria

                              2. Describe the roll of Public Health office in preparation for travel medicine

                              3. Present a typical case scenario for evaluation

(15 minute break) 

DATE/TIME:             June 22, 2013—11:30 am—12:00 pm

SPEAKER:                Col Lisa Snyder, MD

TITLE:                    “Water and Food Vulnerability Assessment”

OBJECTIVES:           1. Manage a suspected water contamination incident.

                              2. Define the factors necessary for proper handling and storage for food.

                              3. Identify problematic public health concerns for food in deployed environments.

DATE/TIME:             June 22, 2012—12:00 pm—1:30 pm

SPEAKER:                Col Mark Gaul, MD &Col Robert Desko, MD

TITLE:                    “Hot Topics from the ANG Surgeon General’s Office”

OBJECTIVES:           1.Define current medical concerns from the office of the Surgeon General

                              2. Summarize Line of Duty and Disability and Duty Limitation concepts.

                              3. Enumerate the 5 most common calls to NGB/SG for clarification

DATE/TIME:             June 22, 2013—1:30 pm–2:00 pm

SPEAKER:                Col Eric Kendle, MD

TITLE:                    “Human Factors Briefings”

OBJECTIVES:           1. Appreciate factors for evaluating HUD tape.

2. Evaluate optical issues for night vision goggles.

3. Characterize the proper check for NVGs.

DATE/TIME:             June 22, 2013—2:00 pm—2:40 pm

SPEAKER:                Col Frank Yang, MD & Col William Pond, MD

TITLE:                    “Medical Clearance for Aeromedical Evacuation”

OBJECTIVES:           1. Delineate core components of Aeromedical Evacuation

2. Determine if Aeromedical Evacuation is a core Air Force competency

3. Describe key concepts of Critical Care Air Transport

(15 minute break

DATE/TIME:             June 22, 2013—2:55 pm—3:30 pm

SPEAKER:                Col Cassandra Howard, MD

TITLE:                    “Human Performance Enhancement”

OBJECTIVES:           1. Explain the concept of ground testing for medications.

                              2. Review a typical scenario for evaluation of efficacy.

3. Understand current counter fatigue measures and applicability to missions

DATE/TIME:             June 22, 2013—3:30 pm—4:00 pm

SPEAKER:                LtCol Albert Assad & Col Robert Desko & Col Louis Perino

TITLE:                    “Occupational Health Assessment”

OBJECTIVES:           1. Review Mission Essential Task Listings (METLS) and reporting requirements

2. Implement a template for the optimal functioning of the DAWG or OHWG

3. Define high risk occupational shops and the time interval for inspection.

DATE/TIME:             June 22, 2013—4:00 pm–4:30 pm

SPEAKER:                Col Robert Desko & Col Lisa Snyder

TITLE:                    “Aeromedical Summaries”

OBJECTIVES:           1. Understand what makes a good summary, and what makes a bad summary.

2. Examine examples of summaries and critique them.

3. Define the process for gaining additional assistance in the resolution of issues.

DATE/TIME:             June 22, 2013—7:30 pm—8:30 pm (AANGFS Dinner Meeting)

SPEAKER:                Col William Pond

TITLE:                    “Aeromedical Case Report, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder”

OBJECTIVES:           1. Understand cause, treatment and prognosis for PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury.

2. Define criteria for diagnosis

3. Q & A for Aeromedical Case Reports

Other items of note:

Teleconference/videoconference/web access

  • DCO Information
    1. Do not need to be on a .mil computer for teleconference or for Defense Connect Online (DCO).
    2. DCO–To participate in the DCO video conference, need to be able to access AF Portal or Defense Connect Online (may be done  from home-Craig Thomas, thanks for the question)
    3. Presentations and files may be downloaded from the “File Share” box in the lower right hand side of the screen by selecting “Save to my Computer.”
    4. Presenters may upload files to the “File Share” box by selecting “Upload file.”
    5. Chatting by typing may be done in the lower right hand box.  If there is no microphone at the receiving location, the question may be typed for the presenter to answer.
    6. For private chats with other participants, select the small box in the upper right, click “pod options” it for a drop down menu  that reads start chat with…then select the host, presenter or guest with whom you would like to have a private chat.
  • The AANGFS website already has prior year RSV lectures and the 2013 lectures will be posted prior to the meeting along with the RSV certificates.
  • The AANGFS.com is a commercial website available from non .mil computers and iPads, iPhones, galaxies etc.
  • Google can find the lectures on the AANGFS site.
  • Thanks to those who participated to become more familiar with DCO during the instructional sessions conducted on June 11 & 19, 2013 at 2100.  Some good learning was accomplished for the participants as well as the host.
  • If there is interest and internet connectivity from the Andrews Club, the evening talks will be broadcast.  In any event, the lectures will be available on www.aangfs.com so that the members can get the additional hour of category 1 CME.

Questions for the ANG/SG & SGP and presenters

  • In order to assist the SG and others  to prepare and to preclude difficulties  in case there are difficulties with communication, questions should be formulated and submitted to wwpond@aol.com in advance: (put on your thinking caps
  • Some examples thus far:
  • Is there a METALS template that should be submitted to the MAJCOM/SGP?
    • “What is the average turnaround time for accession physicals, has it gotten longer lately, are there things from the field that can speed the process
    • “What is the status of the Wing Director of Psychological Health?
    • “Give examples of good and bad waivers.

On behalf of Col Eric Kendle, AANGFS President, Col Mark Gaul, ANG/SG, thank you for the outstanding service that you provide to those in service to our country, both at home and abroad, during war, peace and time of natural disaster.  We look forward to your participation.

AANGFS Officers and Educational Committee.


If you have any questions or need more information, someone else probably does also, so call or drop an email.    If you find any errors, please drop me an email, and I will correct them immediately.

If there are additional topics that you would like covered or questions answered, please let us know.



Col William Pond, MD, SFS, MC

AANGFS Education Program Chair

Indiana State Air Surgeon


(260) 602-5167 (cell)

(260) 492-0897 (fax)

5730 Autumn Woods Trail

Fort Wayne, IN 46835

Lodging Update:


Lodging Problem:

Lodging is not and will not be available at the Presidential Inn at this time.  I am staying there next week during the time I teach the Intermediate Development Course but weekend availability is not available.  I will actually check out during the week and stay with family for the RSV training.


I am TDY to Andrews at least 5 times a year for the IDC course.  When the Presidential Inn is full, I stay at the following locations as they are close, quiet, safe, and a very short commute to Andrews.  I stayed at the Country Inn & Suites last fall and had a very nice stay.   These are just 2 of the many hotels listed on their non-availability listing of alternate hotels and inns.

Country Inn & Suites (*favorite plus hot breakfast)

(located behind the AF Sergeants Association Building near an auto dealership)


9450 Mercedes Blvd

Camp Springs, 20746

4.7 miles/10 mins commute
Comfort Inn

(located immediately outside of the Virginia (golf course) gate at Andrews)

7979 Malcolm Road

Clinton, MD 20735


5 miles/ less than 5 mins

I hope this information helps.  The full list of recommended hotels can be acquired from the Presidential Inn’s front desk but check the locations out thoroughly or ask the desk clerk.  She mentioned a hotel on the list (accessed from the Virginia gate) at which vehicles were routinely broken into and tires were stolen off of the cars!

http://graphics.hotmail.com/emwink.gif  Smile, it may make someone’s day brighter!


(If you have a car and would like a rider, or if you need a ride, please let me know:   wwpond@aol.com or 260-602-5167)

I will be staying at the Towneplace Suites by Marriott Clinton, 7800 Ferry Ave, Clinton, MD 20735


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