Flight Surgeon Training Programs

2018 Flight Surgeon Training programs are evolving:

Update for ongoing training of flight surgeons: CMRP versus RSVs
(Comprehensive Medical Readiness Program, Readiness Skills Verification)

AFI 41-106, Medical Readiness Program Management, was updated in June 2017. The update included the shift to the CMRP. CMRP Category II, Readiness Skills Training (RSTs) (formerly known as RSVs), comes with new requirements as far as who requires training and when. ANG units are considered limited readiness capability facilities; which are a type 4 unit.
Per the CMRP matrix, RST training requirements for type 4 units include:
– All individuals, regardless of AFSC, assigned to standard UTCs (all UTCs except FFZZZ and FFSZZ) are required to be current in their RSTs prior to entering their RCP.
– Individuals assigned to FFZZZ or FFSZZ are not required to complete RSTs unless tasked to deploy.
o A full list of RST program requirements can be found in AFI 41-106, para 5.7.
o AFSC functional managers can access the RST checklists on the AF Kx at this link:
RST Checklists
o Understanding this is a change from the previous requirement, NGB/SGX is setting a get-well date of 1 June 2018. All members assigned to a standard UTC must be current on RSTs by this date.

Comprehensive Medical Readiness Program (CMRP) vs. RSVs
SMSgt Nathan Bluto (240) 612-8167; DSN: 612-8167


Historical interest:

(The RSVs were updated July 2016 and incorporated below.)
For those unable to attend the meeting, RSV credit can be gained efficiently by following the procedure below. (This allows 95% of the time to be spent learning and reviewing the skill rather than being bogged down in paperwork–now that’s the way we should be doing things, WWP — Thanks to David Cass, MD–State Air Surgeon from the great state of Alabama for the impetus record these instructions)


1)  Download copy of RSV Checklist. It was revised in July 2015 so here is the most current one: Flight Surgeon RSV Checklist–48X RSVP Checklist – revised 2015-07-16
2) Complete the training/lecture for the desired skill by reviewing the corresponding lectures from this website or by attending the in person RSV training.
3) Transcribe the initials of the lecturer with a slash for the local verifier, date and member initials.
4) Place sheet in trading folder.

Voila, done.

(Lectures may be Googled, completed and certificate printed from home computer. )


Welcome to All: These RSVs are for all USAF Flight Surgeons–Active Duty, Reserve and Guard and all flight docs are welcome to share in using these materials.  Also, if anyone has lectures or study materials that would help educate other flight surgeons for one of these RSVs, please send (wwpond@aol.com ) for inclusion.

Financial Disclosure Statement. No financial interest slide


A) MISHAP RESPONSE: Aircraft mishap, HAZMAT or Exercise, RSV   Mass casualty response exercise

DCS, hypoxia, GLOC, SDO and barotrauma

C) TRAVEL MEDICINE: Med intelligence Research and briefings issuing Medicine prophylaxis (perform 2)

D) WATER AND FOOD SAFETY ASSESSMENT – Participate with Public Health in base Water Vulnerabiliy Assessment and Food Vulnerability assessment to include attendance at local Wing Outbrief.

E) HUMAN FACTORS BRIEFINGS: IRC QuarterlyWing Flying Safety Briefing, NVG course, or HUD tape reviews


(Perform 5)–Perform medical clearance for Aeromedical Evacuation patients


HUMAN PERFORMANCE SUSTAINMENT (counter-fatigue management) to be developed–Proper documentation and use of Go/No-Go Pills


A.  OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT: Shop visits Category I, II, III worksites with BEE, OHWG, Attended, and of sign off on 2766’s for High risk shops start to finish (perform 2)


A. CLINICAL FLIGHT MEDICINE PRIVILEGES CURRENT; Maintain Flight Surgeon privilege list as current–previously this RSV was lableled AEROMEDICAL SUMMARIES: Flying waivers worked to completion (Perform 3)

Additional topics covered at RSV meeting:


Military Biographies of Speakers.

LtCol Kevin Bohnsack Bohnsack Bio – Dec 2012

Col William Pond  Military Biography of Indiana State Air Surgeon Col William Pond