Occupational Health

Though not in final official form, these are proposed in an effort to help standardize examinations and decrease workload, with well-researched documents for Category 1 shops.  These include references, rationale, evaluations, frequency, surveillance, and notes.  Occupational Health Physicians are higly encouraged to review these and provide feedback to robert.desko@ang.af.mil or christina.ryanmiller@ang.af.mil,  For a brief overview of the program please see Air Force Occupational Health Program Summary by LtCol Cox

Standarized Occupational Health Examinations: a real efficiency and standarization improvement for OEHWG.  Thank you to Col Desko, SMSgt Ryan-Miller and the ANG/SG team—WWP

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Air Force Form 2766

Category 1 Shops: Clinical Occupational Health Examination Requirements


Aircraft Ground Equipment
AGE 2766

Fire and Emergency Services
Fire Dept 2766

Fuel Systems Repair
Fuel Systems 2766

Isochronal Inspection
Iso Inspection 2766

Metals Technology
Metals Tech 2766

Non Destructive Inspection
NDI 2766

Petroleum Oils and Lubricants
POL 2766

Structural Repair and Maintenance
Structural Repair 2766

Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Mx 2766

Weapons Element 
Weapons 2766

At the Flight Surgeon/SAS meeting, there was suggestion to share items of interest. (Thanks so much).

Col Nielson and the 175th have shared: