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2015 02 AANGFS-AFRFSA Newsletter Winter 2015 with AANGFS Application Article II of Alliance Consittution–Editor’s Comments Col Kevin Bohnsack–2014 RSV Course Highlights–GO Selection Process MG(sel) Dunkelberger–ANG Assistants and Advisors List and Term–ACC Update, BG Knapp–Operation Bushmaster, BG Knapp–Update form PACAF, Col Jerry Fenwick–Update from USAFSAM, Col Buck Dodson–Upcoming Courses & Business Update–Highlights form 2014 AANGFS Dinner–AANGFS Membership Application

2014 04 AANGFS-AFRFSA Newsletter 2014 with AANGFS Application President’s Column, Col Erick Kendle–Editor’s Comments, LtCol Kevin Bohnsack–Operational Medicine, Col Frank Yang–Clinical Medicine, Col Brad Eisenbrey–Flight Surgeon Badges, Col William Pond–Editorial Flight Surgeon Badges, Col William Pond–ADFAC Update, Col William Pond–Book Review, Col Scott McPherson–Revisions to AFI 40-102 for State Air Surgeons, Col William Pond–AANGFS Membership Form–AANGFS 2014 Annual Dinner Invitation

2013_Spring_AANGFS_Newsletter National Defense Authorization Act–USAF Vision, Gen Mark Welsh–Tech Tips, Col John Sotos–Doctors Corner Decompression Sickness, LtCol Rob Kosciusko–Injured Kidney, LtCol Jeff Smith–Greetings from the ANG Assistant to ACC, Col Christopher Knapp–Editor’s 2 Cents, Col Dana Rawl–Letter to the Editor, Col Dean Winslow–Readiness Frontiers 2012 Pictures–BIFFS (Basic Information for Flight Surgeons)–AANGFS Officers–AANGFS Membership Applications–Readiness Frontiers 2013 Cancelled

2012 Spring AANGFS Newsletter National Defense Authorization Act, Col William Pond–President’s Column, LtCol Lisa Snyder–On the Glide Path, BGen Worthe Holt, Jr.–Contagion Movie Review, Col William Pond–FWCME Thank you, Col William Pond–CERF Legal, Col Frank Yang–LOD Bullets, Col Frank Yang–Medical Rapid Response Force Package, Col Bob Gentry–Transfusion Support of the Trauma Patient, Col Brad Eisenbrey–Wisdom, BGen Jim Chow–Joint Domestic Medical Operations Directorate, Mr. James Engstrand–Skin Cancer Concerns, Maj Phillip Latham–Digital flight Surgeons, Col John Sotos–Editor 2 Cents, Col Dana Rawl–A Step Ahead of Death Book Review, Col Dana Rawl–Readiness Frontiers 2011 Photos–Society of State Air Surgeons.

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2003 Fall AANGFS-AFRFSA Newsletter  2003 Fall AANGFS-AFRFSA Newsletter — Weaver Air Guard Medical Services Memorabilia Brochure

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