Documents of interest such as AFI48-112 Guidance Memorandum, EMAC, flight surgeon RSVs, credentials, telecommuting, waiver guide, flight surgeon flying requirements, etc.  If you have items that you think would be of interest to your colleagues, please send them ( No documents posted here are classified, nor do any meet the requirements necessary to be classified FOUO.

FOUO: For Official Use Only is sometimes misunderstood and improperly used.  The Freedom of Information operates on the basic premise that government documents are the property of the people and should be available to the citizens, unless specific exceptions apply.

DoD Information Security Program Controlled Unclassified Information ( DoD Manual Number 5200.01, Volume 4 February 24, 2012) states, “FOUO  is a dissemination control applied by the Department of Defense to  unclassified information when disclosure to the public of that particular  record, or portion thereof, would reasonably be expected to cause a  foreseeable harm to an interest protected by one or more of FOIA Exemptions  2 through 9.”  What are the exceptions?  The FOIA specifies nine exemption which would allow subversion of  purpose–these include items specifically exempted by statute,  trade secrets, litigation  documents, personal privacy information, law enforcement and financial  institution records and geophysical data concerning wells.

Because of the frequent misuse of FUOU, the General Accounting Office has  suggested that personnel designating a document as FOUO should mark it with the applicable FOIA exemption. GAO-06-531T Managing Sensitive Information_ DOE and DOD Could Improve Their Policies and Oversight (For accountability purposes, the Department of Energy also requires date and name of individual restricting release of unclassified information.)


ANG SG Heads Up May 2019

AFCHIPS link  to review  wing IMR metrics, to include, specific immunization, flu, DLCs, and OH breakdowns.  VPN is not required only CAC enabled log-in is

Fly PHA Exam Requirements Matrix 20161104

ANG Physical Exam Items Frequency

US Navy Aeromedical Reference and Waiver Guide

Flight Surgeon Inter-fly Agreement Example

Emergency Management Assistance Compact 
EMAC Informational Pub
EMAC Briefing
Flight Surgeon RSV Checklist–48X RSVP Checklist – revised 2015-07-16
IH Survey
Water Vulnerability Assessment Checklists
AFI 44-119 Clinical Performance Management –Credentials

Waiver Guide WPAFB 2014

Aircrew Approve Medication List 5 JUNE 2014

ANGI 36-8001 Telecommuting
Telecommuting Example Letter (Thanks to Col Eisenbrey)

ADFAC Feb 14 Quad Chart – MEDFAC WSC (Col Pond)

Air Force FY15 Budget Overview

AF_PB_Analysis NGAUS

AFI11-405–Pilot Physician Program

angi40-102 State Air Surgeon

AFI 48-123 Medical Examination Standards

AFI 48-149 Flight and Operational Medicine Program (FOMP)

afpam11-417 Orientation in Aviation

AETC Templates

87. Air Force Waiver Guide (5 Jun 12) (STINFO)

Governement Mileage Rate for POV, airplane

Naval Flight Surgeon Guide to Duties and Responsibilites

ANG_Flight Surgeon Mission Qualification Task_Worksheet
(to document tasks necessary to advance from 48G1 to 48G3)

2015 Waiver for USAF FS Primary Aircraft Sortie Requirements

2016 Waiver for USAF FS Primary Aircraft Sortie Requirements

Tongue and Quill 2015 AFH 33-337

Training Transferring From MHS Learn to JKO

DoD Information Security Program Controlled Unclassified Information

GAO-06-531T Managing Sensitive Information_ DOE and DOD Could Improve Their Policies and Oversight

And if anyone wishes to submit any other documents of interest, I will post them here;
This will allow classification and search by internet search engines.

Diamond DA40 In-flight IFR Checklist Trifold–Pond

2016 07 16 Mishap Investigation for RSV–Col Pond Case Study


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