Take a look at some good advice below from Co McPherson, SAS from the great state of Nebraska.

SAS Update – COOP

State COOP plans have an Annex Q that is the medical piece. In Nebraska we are executing a full scale COOP exercise next week, so I just wrote our Annex Q. It is still in draft form, but executable. We have a CERFP and CST so I utilized them in our Annex.  The SAS in Iowa, Christian Ledet went to great lengths to develop his Annex Q, even having tort laws in Iowa changed to protect them.  They don’t have a CERFP so he developed scalable medical teams that can be utilized for contingencies of different sizes at the state level.

Scott McPherson, MD
Col, MC, SFS


HAZMAT Training

The Homeland Response is a vital function of the Air National Guard Medical Service.  Take a gander at the following information.  Look at the authorization letter (no cost to the base) and the course description. HAZMAT_IQ_Signed_Letter    The HAZMAT training vital (and intersting). I intend to take advantage of the opportunity.  (WWP web editor)

We are taking courses to every ANG base (collocated and non-collocated).  As we get your units up on the schedule in Indiana; you are more than welcome to
attend any training session, and if it’s closer for you to attend another state’s training you may do that.   I’ll ensure any Air Surgeon has their choice of location; the only thing is that I don’t have a travel budget to pay your travel that will have to be worked thru your state/support wing.

We are trying to fill the training gap caused by the ending of Readiness Frontiers, in FY 2013-14 we are conducting the 976 MCM Patient Decon Training; FY 2014 is the HazMat IQ (IC training), FY 2015-2017 – I hope to have a 32 hour training and exercise course to be conducted at each wing before undergoing their UEI, so when the IG runs the exercise portion – units will be fully prepared and capable of exceeding the standards.  In addition I’m planning the 32 hr course will fulfill 2 or 3 required wing exercise  equirement for that year.  With all that we are trying to consolidate or eliminate unnecessary or redundant exercises and training events.  Is a s-l-o-w process through.
please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on this or other medical issues.  I know everyone here.


Medical Countermeasures CBRNE Analyst
3500 Fetchet Ave
Joint Base Andrews, MD 20762
Commercial Phone: 240-612-9450
DSN: 612-9450
Email: wayne.theurer@ang.af.mil

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