2018 AANGFS/SAS Gulfport MS CRTC

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Aeromedical Evacuation–Col Christian Stewart–CMRP MRU 6 Jul 2018

Physiological.Events.2018 from Col Buck Dodson

Navy Physiologic Event Flowsheet.Apr.2018.04.20 from Col Dodson

Summary of annual meeting of Alliance of Air National Guard Flight Surgeons (AANGFS)

Saturday July 8, 2018, Combat Readiness Training Center, Gulfport, Mississippi.


General Officers: Maj Gen Jerry Fenwick, Joint Surgeon and ANG Asst to AF/SG, Brig Gen James McEachen, ANG Asst to AMC/SG.

Distinguished Members: Col. Robert Desko, NGB/SG, Col. Mark Gaul, former NGB/SG.

This meeting occurred during mid-day break of Flight Surgeons course portion of the week-long Medical Readiness University MRU organized and run by NGB/SG office.


  1. Welcome 18 new Members since last year’s meeting.
  2. Thank You, Col. Desko and Col. Kenneth Egerstrom NGB/SGP for leading and providing Flight Surgeon portion of MRU.
  3. Thank You, Col. Richard Bradley for arranging CMEs.
  4. Thank You, NGB/SG staff, in particular Chief Faith Federspiel and her Team for all the coordination way before and during this weekend.
  5. Lt Gen Dorothy Hogg, AF/SG will be Keynote speaker at tonight’s dinner.
  6. Board of Governors and Officers’ names were announced as information.
  7. Board (in alphabetical order): Col (Ret). “Buck” Dodson, Col. Cass Howard, Brig Gen James McEachen, Col (Ret). Bill Pond, Col Lisa Snyder.
  8. Officers:

President: Col. Frank Yang

Vice President: Brig Gen Brett Wyrick

Treasurer: Col. Marvin Nielsen

Secretary: Lt Col. George Gibson

Webmaster: Col (Ret). Bill Pond

Asst Webmaster: Capt. Tomas Chavez


  1. Treasurer’s Report, copies of paper reports were distributed to Members in attendance and verbally summarized by Col. Nielsen.
  2. Annual dues $35, lifetime $250.


  1. 2018 is election year for AANGFS Officer. Term is two years. Col. Yang will “term out” this year. Col. Nielsen announced he will be unable to continue serving after his current term ends this year.
  2. Commemorative “cubes”, instead of the usual plaques, were given to Officers for their 2016-18 service.
  3. After nominations and discussion, Members elected the following Officers to two-year terms:

President: Brig Gen Brett Wyrick

Vice President: Lt Col. George Gibson

Treasurer: Lt Col. Roger Ludwig (AKANG)

Secretary: Lt Col. Phillip Camp (VTANG)

  1. Webmaster: Col (Ret). Bill Pond

Asst Webmaster: Capt. Tomas Chavez

Open forum:

  1. Propose setting up “Google Pay” or similar electronic process to pay dues and dinner, etc.
  2. Nielsen volunteered to serve as Asst Treasurer to assist the transition of bank signing documents and accounts, etc. He will continue this role until signing and transition are complete.
  3. Enhance readiness: Reminded Members to keep all their individual medical readiness up to date and encouraged Members to sign up for the volunteer list maintained by NGB/SGX (POC MSgt. Jonelle Dippel).

Submitted by Col. Frank Yang.


Keynote Speaker, Lt Gen Dorothy Hogg, AF/SG

2018 Alliance of Air National Guard Flight Surgeons (AANGFS)

Saturday July 8, 2018, Combat Readiness Training Center, Gulfport, Mississippi.

Highlights of Lt Gen Hogg’s Keynote Presentation:

  • Think “without” a box
  • Be a disruptive innovator
  • Summarized key points directly impacting medical service in recent National Defense Authorization Acts NDAA and language in proposed NDAA 19.
  • Defense Health Agency DHA and military medical services, military treatment facilities MTFs Director/Commander, provision of benefits and readiness.
  • Readiness is main driver for AFMS
  • The meaning of “Warrior Medic”

Submitted by Col. Frank Yang



— All flight surgeon class attendees and instructors for Sat/Sun 7/8 July should have already received confirmation of registration and lodging from NGB POCs. Please reach out to Chief Federspiel if you have not received above info.   <faith.m.federspiel.mil@mail.mil>
— **** HAWAII **** has been chosen as the “theme wear” for this year’s Sat dinner. Hawaii wear is encouraged, but purely voluntary. HOWEVER, respecting our 3-Star (AF/SG) Keynote speaker and 2-Star (ANG Asst to AF/SG and The Joint Surgeon), please NO shorts. Hawaii shirt with slacks or Hawaii dress would be appropriate (again, purely voluntary), otherwise business casual.
— Sat dinner will take place at CRTC and will be buffet. Exact menu, price and time are being coordinated with the caterer.
— Sat business lunch will likely be box lunches. Exact menu and price are being coordinated with the caterer.
— This being election year, please start thinking and planning whether you would like to volunteer / be nominated.
— Please be prepared to pay annual dues Sat 7 July. $35 per year or $250 to become Life member of AANGFS.
— Hope to see Everyone at Gulfport, MS.


2018 Update from Col Yang regarding special guests:


– Maj Gen Dorothy Hogg confirmed she will address the Alliance as Keynote speaker at Sat dinner 7 July. She will most likely be Lt Gen and the new AF/SG by then. She will inform us AF/SG priorities and how ANGMS can contribute to the Total effort. I believe this will be her first major ANG event since taking office as AF/SG. We are privileged that we will be her first major address.

– Maj Gen Jerry Fenwick, ANG Asst to AF/SG and the Joint Surgeon will address the assembled at Plenary Session Mon AM 9 July.

– Details will be published by NGB/SG POCs regarding billeting for FS RSV attendees and Sat dinner venue, etc.

– Alliance business meeting Sat lunch 7 July will include financial report, dues collection (please remember to bring your check books) and election of officers.

– Hope to see Everyone at Gulfport, MS!

​Frank Yang


Medical Readiness University (MRU) 2018

Registration is now OPEN! It will remain open until 11 May 2018 or until seats are full

– Please USE YOUR EMAIL CERTIFICATE when accessing this site:


o Training Event: ANGMS MRU 2018

o Location: Gulfport CRTC, MS

o Date range: 7-13 July 2018

Please direct any questions to our Education and Training Org box:



NGB/SG POCs will do the lion’s share of the coordination for 2018, including RSV classes.
Alliance is responsible for the business lunch meeting, Sat dinner, and dinner speaker.
MRU Medical Readiness University: 9 -13 July, 2018 (Mon – Fri), including State Air Surgeons SAS course (3 days of that week) and Provider Essential Course PEC.
Thus, it makes sense, as in past year, to dovetail Flight Surgeon RSV course, 7 – 8 July (Sat – Sun) prior to the start of MRU.
One main administrative difference this year is, NGB/SG decided to run the FS RSV course, instead of the Alliance running the course, to remove any potential “non-purposeful use” of NGB/SG staff and contracted buildings for the activity of an “outside” organization, the Alliance.
So, NGB/SG POCs (specifically Col. Ken “Coupon” Egerstrom, copied above) will direct the course, publish the topics, sign up speakers and arrange CMEs. Col. Richard Bradley agreed to offer his assistance and know-how.
Therefore, FS RSV registration will be done via NGB/SG “Care Point” (to be announced in Headsup) and coordinated by NGB/SG POCs (specifically Chief Federspiel and MSgt. Washington, both copied above). No need for FS to duplicate register for FS RSV via AANGFS website. We may post a link on our website, directing FS to the NGB Care Point to sign up for FS RSV course.
Gulf Port Combat Readiness Training Center CRTC, Mississippi.
Main auditorium seats 300.
CRTC compound includes dining facility and billeting.
Few hotels outside CRTC.
Keesler AFB approx 10 miles to the east.
Alliance will be responsible for conducting business meeting (including elections) during lunch Sat 7 July, providing lunch itself, and also be responsible for Sat dinner and dinner speaker (please start thinking about ideas for speakers…..)
Chief F and MSgt W will visit Gulf Port this Feb as part of NGB/SG Advon team. While there, they will check out CRTC billeting, nearby hotels, and potential Sat dinner venues (from CRTC dining facility to AF Club at Keesler to other nearby off-base places). I/we will keep all posted of options.
This being election year, here is the slate of current officers and new Board members.
Pres Col. Frank Yang,
VP Brig Gen Brett “Doogie” Wyrick,
Treas Col. Marvin Nielsen,
Sect Lt Col. George “Biscuit” Gibson,
Webmaster Col. Bill Pond (Retired USAF),
Asst Webmaster Capt. (Maj?) Tomas Chavas.
I propose we move every officer up one slot, and ask for volunteers/nominations for Secretary.
Board members installed at 2017 Alliance mtg: then Col, now Brig Gen Jim McEachen, Col. Cass Howard, joining existing Board members Col. “Buck” Dodson (Retired USAF), Col. Bill Pond (Retired USAF), Col. Lisa “SWAT” Synder.
Asst/Adv under now Maj Gen Jerry Fenwick plan to have their Asst/Adv meeting Mon – Wed (9 – 11 July) at CRTC, including introduction at the MRU Plenary Session Mon AM (9 July).
SAS/Col. Mike “Diggler” Ricci, would you like to arrange SAS meeting during any of 7 – 13 July?
Respectfully submitted and open to your input/comments,
​Frank Yang


Update for ongoing training of flight surgeons: CMRP versus RSVs
(Comprehensive Medical Readiness Program, Readiness Skills Verification)

AFI 41-106, Medical Readiness Program Management, was updated in June 2017. The update included the shift to the CMRP. CMRP Category II, Readiness Skills Training (RSTs) (formerly known as RSVs), comes with new requirements as far as who requires training and when. ANG units are considered limited readiness capability facilities; which are a type 4 unit.
Per the CMRP matrix, RST training requirements for type 4 units include:
– All individuals, regardless of AFSC, assigned to standard UTCs (all UTCs except FFZZZ and FFSZZ) are required to be current in their RSTs prior to entering their RCP.
– Individuals assigned to FFZZZ or FFSZZ are not required to complete RSTs unless tasked to deploy.
o A full list of RST program requirements can be found in AFI 41-106, para 5.7.
o AFSC functional managers can access the RST checklists on the AF Kx at this link:
RST Checklists
o Understanding this is a change from the previous requirement, NGB/SGX is setting a get-well date of 1 June 2018. All members assigned to a standard UTC must be current on RSTs by this date.

for more information, please contact
SMSgt Nathan Bluto (240) 612-8167; DSN: 612-8167