2017 AANGFS/SAS Meeting Little Rock

Items of interest for 2017 Little Rock meeting:





Quote of the day from Marv Nielsen, “Your life membership continues until you are dead.”


Society of USAF Flight Surgeon mishap manual no longer available


Navy electronic manual available here.
♦♦Navy Mishaph PocketReference

Hyperlite pressure bag has no windows but Gamow bag does have windows   ♦


Yesterday latest mishap.

Lectures for 2017: ( so far provided)
2017 06 24 Mishap Investigation–Col Pond

Flight Doc BEE Presentation

Copy of Copy of ANG 24 Jan 17 PFOA PFOS Data

Copy of Copy of ANG 24 Jan 17 PFOA PFOS Data



Travel Medicine


Ops Auditorium is next door to the ANG 189 MDG
101 MSgt Dan Wassom Rd, LR AFB, AR 72099

Course Title: ANG Flight Surgeon Sustainment Course – Operational Skills
2017 CMRP Course Brochure-Little Rock
Date: Saturday June 24 & Sunday June 25, 2017
Time: OPS AUDITORIUM will open at 0730: come early, say hello and give high-fives all around to fellow Flight Surgeons
Location: Ops auditorium on Little Rock AFB, Little Rock, AR.
Nearest Airport: Clinton Airport
Lodging: RazorBack Inn (on base) “act now” to secure lodging via <DoDLodging.net>at the  RazorBack Inn  or get non-A and reserve off-base. Little Rock Commercial Hotels

Notes: correspondence which may be of assistance
—–Good Afternoon Lt Col N…
You’re correct. The registration information in the Welcome Packet would only be applicable if you were also attending the SAS or Provider’s Essential Course. You may call the Razorback Inn and reserve your room. There is a block of rooms set aside for attendees under Medical Readiness University or group #20550092439 – we’ll make sure this information is also posted on the AANGFS website. If they are out of rooms you will get a Non-Availability letter. (The list of nearby commercial hotels is hot linked above)
For DTS you will use Little Rock AFB, AR.
Have a great day!

Training Line Numbers (TLN):  Flight Surgeons  attending June 24/25 Sat/Sun CMRP should apply for a TLN through unit/BETM (However, no FS will be turned away who shows without TLN). Thanks to Chief Federspiel, Chief, Medical Education and Training, who noted,”I was looking at your AANGFS website and came across information that is incorrectly stated about TLN’s.  TLN’s are school day funded by NGB/A1 not unit funded.”

Saturday June 24, 2017 schedule:
7:30 Welcome with program explanation and CME,
8:00-12:00 Flight Surgeon Course,
12:00-13:30 Lunch time:
–    AANGFS business meeting & collect dues:
–    Officially welcome new Board of Governors
–          Col. Jim “Slice” McEachen, Col. Cassandra “Cassie” Howard, Bill, SWAT, Buck,
–     Pass envelop for Sat dinner cost,
Briefings by:
–     ANG Asst to AF/SG: Maj Gen (sel) Jerry Fenwick,
–     ANG/SG Col. Bob “Cutter” Desko,
–     ANG Asst to AFMOA Col. Richard Bradley, Richard,
13:30-17:00 Flight Surgeon Course
18:00-21:00: AANGFS Annual Dinner
– Location: AF Club Hangar 1080
– Attire: business casual
– Dinner Speaker: Brig Gen Slocum, A-10 pilot, Wing/CC, Michigan.

Sunday June 25, 2017 Schedule:
8:00-12:00 Briefings/classes by ANG/SGP Col. Lisa “SWAT” Snyder
– (NarSum, LOD, DES, etc),

Monday June 26, 2017
0800–Plenary Session  to lead off MRU at PEC, ABU/flight suits.
 And, please highlight — 90 minutes(!!) have been set aside for lunch (Arkansa BBQ hosted by Col. Ron Braswell of AR ANG) and lunch meetings, which include three briefings (Maj Gen(sel). Fenwick, Col. Desko, Col. Bradley) and Alliance business meeting, and Society SAS meeting

June 26-30, 2017, Mon-Fri, Medical Readiness University MRU (new name for Readiness Frontiers Light), by ANG/SG and Staff at ANGRC, will take place at Professional Education Center PEC, a 25 minute drive from AR ANG Base.


historical information below in case you are interested.
June 24 & 25, 2017–Little Rock, AK  (for flight surgeons, SAS info to follow.  This is for planning, hot off the presses–WWP)

Colleagues: plans are now underway for the 2017 Flight Surgeon Educational Program.  Here is some of the email traffic so you will know who is working so hard on your behalf.  Kudos to them all.  (If any of you have suggestions or an interest in participation, please let one of the planners know.  Thanks–WWP)


I started thinking about 2017 MRU planning recently, and here you are, already a bunch of steps out of the gate. Great and thank you for starting the conversation.

I suggest a tele-con to bring multiple planners onto a common phone line and at least lay the ground work? This would be our 1st of many t-cons.

In 2016, AANGFS elected and designated separate people for “program/class” planning and CME, in addition to other offices. And they are:

Col. Mark Gaul: Course Director,
Col. Bob Desko: Course Director,
Col. Sidney Martin: Course Planner,
Col. “Buck” Dodson: Course Planner,
Col. Richard Bradley: CME Planner,
Col. Martin Nielsen: Treasurer,
Maj.George Gibson: Secretary,

Capt. Tomas Chavez: Asst Web Master,

And, of course, Col. Bill Pond, appearing as himself in one of his roles, all splendid, as Master Web Master.

Plus, as you wrote in your email, Brig Gen. “Doogie” Wyrick as AANGF VP,
and myself as Pres.
​What does everyone on this email think aboutt-con at 1600 (East) Wed 18 Jan or 1600 (East) Thu 19 Jan?​

​We can begin to discuss SWAT’s very good questions and other questions as well.

Is there any read-aheads about MRU venue/location, agenda, etc that you can email the group?​


919 534 5474 cell

On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 12:02 PM, Snyder, Lisa K Col USAF NGB SG (US) <lisa.k.snyder2.mil@mail.mil> wrote:

Col Yang/BG Wyrick,

Emailing you as the President and VP of the AANGFS. I believe the time is here again to work on the RSV training for the AANGFS. NGB/SG is proposing this be done the weekend before the previously called “Readiness Frontier Lite” event and have secured a room.  The date of the training event is 26 June  – 30 June in Little Rock, AR and Readiness Frontiers Lite has been renamed to Medical Readiness University (MRU).  If we want to stay true to the timing history, the RSV day would be on Saturday/Sun, 24-25 June, 2017.

Questions for you:
1.  Is this acceptable and should we continue to press that the 24-25 June
will be the RSV training?
2.  Do you want me to take lead, keeping you both informed and in the loop, since I am here in the office?
3.  Is there any deviation that you would like to do? I would like to make one – instead of straight up NARSUMs for that section, I think we should do some Line of Duty training as it will encompass NARSUM’s (including the new requirements that are being created in working group I am part of)
4.  Would you like me to contact the person we worked with last year for CME now and figure out a timeline for you to publicize when slides are needed for presenters (assuming #1 question answer is yes) as well as let Col Pond know for the AANGFS website, for best planning/advanced notice of the docs?


Folks, for your SA, the information below is what the program looked like last year:


Continuing Medical Education Credit (CME) & Telecon Info
Instructions below–thanks Col Bradley for the work on CME!  

The lectures for 2016 are located under the Readiness Skills Verification Program tab with the title starting 2016 07 16 and located first under each RSV topic. (I will post the presentations and updates as soon as they are made available–WWP)

Remember, Blues for Monday, and flight suits for Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Great training and camaraderie coming:

AANGFS Flight Surgeon Training Dates: July 16-17, 2016
ANG/SG Plenary Session: July 18
ANG State Air Surgeon Training Dates: July  19-20, 2016 

Registration information:
Course Name: ANG Flight Surgeon Sustainment Course – Operational Skills
—–Course Number:  ANGC AANGFS RSVC
Course Name: Flight Surgeon Refresher Training
—–Course Number: ANGC AANGFS RSV
Location: Air National Guard Readiness Center, Joint Base Andrews, MD
Uniform: Flight Suits
Funding: Unit Funded, Annual Training Days
Training Line Number (TLN): request TLN from UTM/BETM with above course number to request seat  in TEAMS
CME: Upon completion of this activity, log onto the CME web site at  https://education.mods.army.mil/airforcecme to obtain a certificate.
Click on the “Members Portal/Print Certificates” portal then login.  Complete the Activity Evaluation and Request for Credit Form and submit. for comments or questions contact CME Planner, Col Richard Bradley at richard.bradley@us.af.mil or (713)-208-7168.
Billeting: Presidential Inn at Andrews has block of rooms but please book early 301-981-4614 <dodlodging.net>  or off base option
Registration:  Send an email to both Col Kevin Bohnsack, kjbohnsack.mil@gmail.com and
CMSgt Miller, michele.l.miller4.mil@mail.mil with member’s name, rank, unit, status (DSG, AGR, Tech, etc.), along with a primary and secondary email address (This is in addition to the Training Line Number (TLN) referenced above.
DCS Link: https://conference.apps.mil/webconf/ANGFlightSurgeonRSV
Telecon (audio bridge) Number: 1 (888) 328 – 6502——Passcode: 3500#

Once again, the Alliance of Air National Guard Flight Surgeons will be hosting an engaging session on Saturday, July 16th, for Air Guardsman to fulfill their RSV requirements and network with fellow flight surgeons along with a special Sunday session on July 17th hosted by Col Lisa “SWAT” Snyder to cover operational medicine topics essential to a GMU flight surgeon as well as local shop visit. Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners interested in aerospace medicine topics are welcome to join as well.

Alliance of Air National Guard Flight Surgeons and State Air Surgeons  meetings will be held at the lunchtime for society members.

Don’t miss the Operational Medicine Session held on 7/17/2016 from 0800-1200. Col Lisa “SWAT” Snyder will cover topics related to waiver write-ups and GMU issues as well as arrange for a real world shop visit at JB Andrews.

Be sure to attend the social and dinner on Saturday evening as follows:

TIME: 1800 – Social and 1900 – Dinner
LOCATION: JB Andrews Officer’s Club
GUEST SPEAKER: LtGen Scott Rice, Director of the Air National Guard
DRESS: Business casual / no tie; COST: $35 plus suggested tip to servers
CHOW: Buffet

Here is the tentative agenda for the Flight Surgeon RSV Training:

AANGFS Tentative Agenda


Thanks to Cass, Frank, Buck, Kevin, Lisa & Xenia for advance planning for the Flight Surgeon RSV Day.

Thanks to MSgt Rodrick Riley.  Here is the tentative agenda for the State Air Surgeon Training:

SAS Tentative Agenda

SAS Refesher Training Schedule 19 – 20 July 2016 Agenda


Note from Col Frank Yang regarding the program:

Great work, thanks for persisting through all the changes to get to this point.
Will you please include:
— Sat July 16 lunch meeting:
1) AANGFS annual business meeting, agenda per President Col. Howard, lunch provided free of charge to Alliance members, others encouraged to pay for lunch or become members.
2) Briefing by Maj Gen Dunkelberger on Assistants/Advisors program.
— Plenary session:
All are encouraged to stay for ANG/SG plenary session Mon AM 18 July to hear and input ANG/SG priorities.
— Please also include in the upcoming newsletter (defer to Col. Pond whether he wishes to add this to the website, but Maj Gen Dunkelberger requests the following be included in the newsletter, as she wishes to communicate Lt Gen Ediger’s priorities to the field of flight surgeons):
1) The paragraph Maj Gen Dunkelberger submitted. It is cut and pasted in this email to make re-finding it easier.
Also 2) Please include Lt Gen Ediger’s write-up in our newsletter. His write-up is attached to this email.
Again, many thanks.
919-534-5474 cell
————– For the newsletter:
ANG Medical Collèagues and Members of the AANGFS,
Thank you so much for affording me the opportunity to share with you what is going on at HQ Air Force.  I would like to share with you Lt Gen Ediger’s (AF/SG) testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee on the Military Health System Reform.  In this document, the SG outlines the AFMS top 4 priorities:  Medical Readiness, Integrated Operation Support, Trusted Care/High Reliability Organizations and AF Medical Home.  He then elaborates on how we will move toward achieving these objectives.
I welcome any questions you may have about this or any other ANGMS issues.
Again, thank you for your attention and for your continued service to the ANG.
Maj Gen Gretchen Dunkelberger
ANG Asst to AF/SG

Mask Fit at RSV Shop VisitRSV Shop Visit Instruction