AANGFS Meeting Minutes

Summary of annual meeting of Alliance of Air National Guard Flight Surgeons (AANGFS)

Saturday July 8, 2018, Combat Readiness Training Center, Gulfport, Mississippi.


General Officers: Maj Gen Jerry Fenwick, Joint Surgeon and ANG Asst to AF/SG, Brig Gen James McEachen, ANG Asst to AMC/SG.

Distinguished Members: Col. Robert Desko, NGB/SG, Col. Mark Gaul, former NGB/SG.

This meeting occurred during mid-day break of Flight Surgeons course portion of the week-long Medical Readiness University MRU organized and run by NGB/SG office.


  1. Welcome 18 new Members since last year’s meeting.
  2. Thank You, Col. Desko and Col. Kenneth Egerstrom NGB/SGP for leading and providing Flight Surgeon portion of MRU.
  3. Thank You, Col. Richard Bradley for arranging CMEs.
  4. Thank You, NGB/SG staff, in particular Chief Faith Federspiel and her Team for all the coordination way before and during this weekend.
  5. Lt Gen Dorothy Hogg, AF/SG will be Keynote speaker at tonight’s dinner.
  6. Board of Governors and Officers’ names were announced as information.
  7. Board (in alphabetical order): Col (Ret). “Buck” Dodson, Col. Cass Howard, Brig Gen James McEachen, Col (Ret). Bill Pond, Col Lisa Snyder.
  8. Officers:

President: Col. Frank Yang

Vice President: Brig Gen Brett Wyrick

Treasurer: Col. Marvin Nielsen

Secretary: Lt Col. George Gibson

  1. Webmaster: Col (Ret). Bill Pond

Asst Webmaster: Capt. Tomas Chavez


  1. Treasurer’s Report, copies of paper reports were distributed to Members in attendance and verbally summarized by Col. Nielsen.
  2. Annual dues $35, lifetime $250.


  1. 2018 is election year for AANGFS Officer. Term is two years. Col. Yang will “term out” this year. Col. Nielsen announced he will be unable to continue serving after his current term ends this year.
  2. Commemorative “cubes”, instead of the usual plaques, were given to Officers for their 2016-18 service.
  3. After nominations and discussion, Members elected the following Officers to two-year terms:

President: Brig Gen Brett Wyrick

Vice President: Lt Col. George Gibson

Treasurer: Lt Col. Roger Ludwig (AKANG)

Secretary: Lt Col. Phillip Camp (VTANG)

  1. Webmaster: Col (Ret). Bill Pond

Asst Webmaster: Capt. Tomas Chavez

Open forum:

  1. Propose setting up “Google Pay” or similar electronic process to pay dues and dinner, etc.
  2. Nielsen volunteered to serve as Asst Treasurer to assist the transition of bank signing documents and accounts, etc. He will continue this role until signing and transition are complete.
  3. Enhance readiness: Reminded Members to keep all their individual medical readiness up to date and encouraged Members to sign up for the volunteer list maintained by NGB/SGX (POC MSgt. Jonelle Dippel).

Submitted by Col. Frank Yang.


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