AANGFS Meeting Minutes

Minutes from AANGFS Meetings (if anyone has addtional minutes, please send them to me–Thanks, WWP):

Annual meeting of Alliance of Air National Guard Flight Surgeons (AANGFS) was held Saturday June 24, 2017, Little Rock Air Force Base, Little Rock, Arkansas.

General Officers: Brig Gen Jerry Fenwick, Joint Surgeon and ANG Asst to AF/SG, Brig Gen Charles Chappuis, ATAG Louisiana, Brig Gen David Hamlar, ATAG Vermont.
Distinguished Members: Col Robert Desko, NGB/SG, Col Mark Gaul, former ANG/SG, Col James McEachen, ANG Asst to AMC/SG.
Flight Surgeons: 92 attended Comprehensive Medical Readiness Program (CMRP) June 24-25, 2017, Little Rock AFB.

1. Col “Buck” Dodson upcoming retirement: Thank You for years of dedicated honorable service to USAF and Flight Surgeon community.
2. CMRP is the new name, formerly Readiness Skills Verification (RSV).
3. Special Thank You to our Arkansas Hosts: 189th, AR ANG; especially Chief Billy Ruhland for all the extra help and Doc Ron Braswell for BBQ & Panera & coffee!
4. Special Thank You to NGB/SG staff, in particular Chief Faith Federspiel and her Team for all the coordination way before and during this weekend.
5. Special Thank You to Col Richard Bradley for arranging CMEs and accomplishing all the tedious steps required in doing so.
6. Special Thank You to all the presenters/briefers for educating the rest of us.
7. Special Thank You to our dinner speaker: Brig Gen Slocum, Michigan ANG.
8. Medical Readiness University (MRU) by NGB/SG, June 26-30, 2017 at Professional Education Center (PEC), Camp Robinson, North Little Rock, AR.

1. Treasurer’s Report , annual dues $35, lifetime $250 (Attachment A).
2. CME: 9.5 hrs Cat I credit available, Objectives & Disclosures (Attachment B).
3. Membership Roster (Attachment C). Those Members who wish to contact other Members may ask AANGFS Secretary for a password-protected electronic copy.



1. Top Secret (TS) clearance at this time is not automatically approved for ANG flight surgeons (FS), impacting accessibility and availability of FS to TS community, and impacting embedding FS providers in Squadron Medical Element(SME)-like role into Remotely Piloted Aircraft/Sensor Operator communities.

2. Discussed adverse actions affecting clinical privileges of ANG providers. Col Richard Bradley, ANG Asst to AFMOA/CC and Col Robert Desko, NGB/SG briefed the work completed over the past and current year clarifying and codifying due process “lanes” that affect ANG providers. Robust discussion, including Q&A, ensued. Summary:
a. The Privileging Authority (typically GMU/CC) is the person who grants continued privileges or modifies/terminates those privileges, mirroring the civilian sector.
b. AFMOA and NGB/SG office continue their efforts to clarify and offer a (forthcoming) template for States to adopt as part of their due process in deliberations regarding clinical privileges of ANG providers.
c. Criminal charges/proceeding are managed by law enforcement agencies and beyond the scope of medical lanes and outside the authority of NGB/SG office.

New Business:
1. An inspiring video from Lt Gen Rice (Director ANG) was presented, showcasing diverse missions fulfilled by ANG: overall message – we need you in high tech, high tempo, dynamic environments.
2. Next year is election cycle for AANGFS Officers; please start thinking if you are interested in serving two-year term, starting 2018.
Currently serving officers:
President: Col Frank Yang
Vice President: Brig Gen Bret Wyrick
Treasurer: Col Marvin Nielson
Secretary: Lt Col George Gibson
Webmaster: Col Bill Pond
Asst Webmaster: Capt Tomas Chavas
3. Comment made to allow Physician Assistants (PA) to become members of AANGFS. Clarified, this is already the case; to wit, a PA is in attendance at this meeting. Welcome to our PA’s/fellow providers.
4. Newsletter: Members prefer digital format verses printed/mailed hard copy.
5. Recognition of new Board Members to AANGFS Board of Governors.
Current: Col Bill Pond, Col Lisa Snyder, Col “Buck” Dodson,
New: Col James McEachean and Col Cass Howard.
6. To obtain CME certificate: https://education.mods.army.mil/airforcecme
If you have any questions, contact our CME Planner, Col Richard Bradley, at richard.n.bradley2.mil@mail.mil or 713-208-7168 cell.

Projections for next meeting, Summer 2018:
1. Location is very likely going to be Little Rock AFB, or Professional Education Center (PEC), Camp Robinson (JFHQ, AR NG), North Little Rock, awaiting dates.
2. Host unit 189th AR ANG stated July or Aug would work better for them, as June is typically their Annual Training (AT) and most of them may likely be away and will not be on-site to help host.
3. Mugs to honor legacy of decades of the AANGFS will be created and sold.
4. ANG/SG Office to coordinate CME & TLN’s if central funding will be available; AANGFS to coordinate keynote speaker and dinner

Society of State Air Surgeons (SocSAS) held a separate breakout meeting, led by SocSAS President, Col Mike Ricci, during lunch time, this same date.

Drafted by Secretary, Lt Col George Gibson
Verified by President, Col Frank Yang

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